Money donated is tax-deductible. Since ASN is a non-profit (501 (c) 3) agency, your donated dollars can benefit you at tax time.

Your donation can be made in memory of a loved one, in honor of a special occasion, or toward a specific program such as our Client Retreat Program or our Steve Weiss AIDS Living Memorial Grove.

Checks can be mailed directly to:
Access Support Network
P.O. Box 12158
San Luis Obispo, CA 93406

OR, you can donate online:

Other Ways to Donate Financially

Most Americans vastly under-estimate their total net worth, since we mainly look at the balances in our checking accounts. But most of us have a variety of different assets, and these assets can be used to help support the Access Support Network (ASN). In addition to supporting a very important organization, there are also tax deductions that could save you significant dollars. Let's look at the ways you can give...



A gift of cash is always a good gift. The gift is deductive up to 5O % of you're your adjusted gross income (AGI), and any excess deductions can be carried over for an additional five years.


Appreciated Securities:Long-tern stocks, bonds or mutual funds that have increase in value make excellent gifts. You can deduct the fair market value in the year you make the gift AND avoid paying any capital gains tax. You can deduct up to 30% of your AGI for this type of gift with a five-year carry over provision as well.


Real Estate

Home and land values on the Central Coast have made significant gains in recent years. A gift of real estate allows the donor to deduct the fair market value of the property, enjoy a 30% tax deduction and avoid paying capital gains tax.



Perhaps the easiest way to support ASN is to make a bequest through your will or trust. Your estate will receive a charitable deduction for the full amount given and avoid any estate tax issues.


Other types of planned gifts...


There are many types of charitable gifts that will occur in the future and could provide annual income and significant tax benefits. You should always consult a professional tax advisor before considering these types of gifts.


Charitable Remainder Trusts (CRT)

This type of gift will provide you with an income for life. You contribute an asset into a trust. This trust pays either an annuity or a fixed percentage on an annual basis. When you or those you name in the trust pass on, what's left in the trust (the "remainder") will go to ASN. There are many advantages: You get an immediate income tax deduction and pay no capital gains tax on any appreciated property placed in the trust. You can even serve as the trustee for the CRT.


Charitable Lead Trusts:Somewhat the opposite of a CRT, where you place an asset in the trust and ASN would receive an annual payment from the trust as long as you live. When the trust terminates, all the principal is returned to you or your heirs.


Life Insurance

An un-needed life insurance policy can make an excellent gift. By naming ASN as the owner and beneficiary of the policy, you get an immediate deduction. You can also deduct future unpaid premiums on the policy. You can also keep ownership and name ASN as sole or partial beneficiary. Your insurance representative will have a designation form allowing you to name ASN as a beneficiary.


There are other planned giving techniques such as pooled income funds and gift annuities that might be available to help ASN. Check with a member of the Central Coast Planned Giving Council on these options.


The bottom line is that there are many creative ways to help ASN achieve the goals of providing care and support for persons living with HIV/AIDS. The important thing is to determine what you can give, the best method to give, then make the gift.


For more information please contact David Kilburn, Executive Director @ 805-781-3660

Other Types of Donations

Donating a Car

Do you have a car that you would like to donate and get a tax deductions. If so, contact Cars 4 Causes and name the AIDS Support Network as the beneficiary.


Donating Food

ASN's Food Pantry is always in need of the basics. If you'd like to donate some food directly, we have a list of suggestions for you.


Donating Time

One of the most important ways our community supports the agency is through the gift of time. ASN's Volunteer Program gives people the opportunity to assist clients and staff directly. Please call Derek Cummings, ASN's Volunteer Coordinator, at 781-3660 if you are interested.

San Luis Obispo Syringe Exchange Program 'SLO Bangers'

SLOSEP / SLO Bangers is a local, community based effort to reduce the spread of blood borne infections associated with shared injection equipment.


We support a harm reduction approach to injection drug use and its consequences for individuals and the community at large. That includes support for a range of options - from abstinence to safer alternatives for active users.


Our clients run the gamut from daily opiate users, to weekend stimulant injectors, to occasional steroid shooters.


Our team of volunteers work to provide them all with the tools and resources to make informed decisions about injection use.


The AIDS Support Network serves as "SLO Bangers" fiscal agent. You may designate a donation specifically to support the Syringe Exchange Program by clicking on the donate button below. Your donation will appear as a donation to the AIDS Support Network on your credit card but be assured that the donation will go toward the Syringe Exchange Program

You Can Help, Donate!
Financial Donations

The Access Support Network raises a part of our operating budget through donations. The support of individuals and businesses is vital to our continuing ability to provide comprehensive services to our growing number of clients.


All Money Donated to the ASN stays in San Luis Obispo and Monterey Counties, helping residents of these counties in their struggle with HIV disease, AIDS, & Hep-C.

OR, you can donate to ASN's Endowment Fund, donate appreciated stocks, etc. If you have interest in this program, please contact David Kilburn, ASN's Coordinator of Finance & Grant Development at 781-3660.