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Volunteer Services
Volunteer Opportunities

ASN provides practical assistance for clients, such as transportation to appointments, housekeeping, meal preparation or food delivery, and companionship. ASN's Volunteer Coordinator matches client needs and volunteer availability


ASN provides various services with the assistance of our team of volunteers. Volunteer services cover several broad categories: Clerical Work, Client Services, Fundraising/Public Awareness, Grove Work, and areas of particular expertise. Volunteers come from all walks of life, teens to retirees, and can all supply clients with services that would be difficult to obtain otherwise.

Clerical Work:

Most of the volunteer work in this area revolves around the office. We use volunteers as office receptionists to assist us with projects, such as computer data entry, bulk mailings, general office organization, food requests, food pantry organization, and other related tasks.


Direct Client Services:

Volunteers assist clients in several ways. We can supply help with housekeeping, gardening, meal preparation, moving assistance, and transportation. We also provide clients with a "buddy," someone who is available to talk on the phone, visit, share a meal or a cup of coffee, and generally be there to support the client.


Fundraising/Public Awareness:

This category covers volunteer involvement in special events such as walk-a-thons, Food Pantry Drives, and other community events. We also have a panel of speakers who go into the community to give first-hand accounts and presentations.


Grove Work:

Those who enjoy the outdoors, gardening, or landscaping may be interested in participating in our Grove Workdays. A team of volunteers meets at the Grove (located off Highway 1, in El Chorro Regional Park), performing duties including weeding, watering, digging, planting, mulching, trimming, etc. Grove Workdays are to be announced; don't hesitate to contact ASN for more information. 


Specialized Areas:

We have many volunteers with areas of expertise, such as massage therapy or legal assistance.


If you have any questions regarding the volunteer program, don't hesitate to contact the Volunteer Coordinator or call 805-781-3660.


After applying, you will be contacted for a personal interview before being assigned any volunteer activities. Please email the application to

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