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HEP C Services

For clients, family members and the public, current hepatitis C information is vital. Anais Diaz and Karla Quiroga, SLO Hep C Project's Health Counselors, provides current treatment information, is a link to the medical community for the agency and, for clients, and is able to give referrals to physicians, discuss drug side effects and disease progression. Counseling available in both English and Spanish.

Insurance and benefit programs such as SSI, SSDI, Medi-Cal, Medicare, Covered California, patient assistance programs, and private insurance programs can be confusing and daunting to those trying to utilize them. ASN's Benefits Counselor, helps our clients access these services.

Several times a year, ASN provides informational forums for clients and interested community members. Topics include treatment issues, nutrition, psycho-social issues, benefits information, personal budgeting, etc.


For medical professionals who are interested in learning more about the events or an opportunity to speak please contact David Kilburn.

Get Tested. Get Treated. Get Cured.
Here are 3 reasons why you should get tested for Hep C:
  • You could have Hep C even if you feel fine! It can take 30 years for you to develop any symptoms. Untreated, the virus could cause significant damage to your liver, including cancer or cirrhosis.

  • If you do have Hep C, new treatments have improved dramatically and even have an over 90% cure rate! The sooner you get tested, the quicker you can get treatment!

  • You are especially at risk for Hep C if you were born between 1945-1965; if you’ve ever used IV drugs; or, if you received a blood transfusion before 1990.

Health Counseling
Benefits Counseling
Referral Assistance

Assistance is available to ASN's HEP-C clients from Access:


  • Counseling

  • Nutritional Counseling

  • Medical Exams

  • Lab Tests (including liver biopsy)

  • Food Pantry

Informational Forums
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