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If you’re like me, all of the heated media coverage surrounding the Affordable Care Act (ACA), a.k.a “Obamacare,” has created a strange collection of vague assertions that are tough to sort out. What are the actual facts about this health care reform that everyone seems so excited about? Fortunately, I know some experts here at the San Luis Obispo AIDS Support Network, and they have assisted me in unraveling what is actually true when it comes to the groundbreaking ACA.

What is the first step? And, why is someone from the ASN writing an article about all of this?

We are here to help. For the past several months, several of us have undergone extensive training to become certified enrollment counselors, and the ASN is now one of only three county agencies (Department of Social Services, Community Health Centers, and ASN) you can visit for assistance as you navigate the ACA. As someone who has personally witnessed our counselors’ intense training and transformation into outstanding ACA advisors, trust me when I say: We are ready for you.

To read the full article for more details and information, click HERE.

Need help creating a Covered California account? Click HERE for detailed instructions!

Featured Event

Eat Out Save Lives!

December 5th, 2014

Breakfast, coffe, lunch, appetizers, drinks, dinner, dessert… and a midnight snack!

Feel free to indulge guilt-free this upcoming Friday, Dec. 5th, also known as Eat Out Save Lives!

On this fateful day, 10% of all proceeds during this day from restaurants throughout the county will be donated in support of the ASN and the people we serve.

So, go ahead, and get that special breakfast you’ve been craving from Big Sky, or check out the delicious confectionaries offered by West End Espresso & Tea. All of the restaurants, grills, delis, and cafés on our list are well worth a first visit, or a 15th!

Spread the word, plan something with friends or family, and enjoy some wonderful meals, snacks, and drinks, and make a difference!


  • Fig Good Food
  • Nardonne's


  • Robin's

Pismo Beach:

  • Splash Cafe

San Luis Obispo:

  • Big Sky
  • Black Sheep Bar & Grill
  • Buffalo Pub and Grill
  • Koberl at Blue
  • Pizza Solo
  • Splash Cafe & Artisan Bakery
  • Splash Cafe Seafood and Grill
  • Taj Palace
  • Cuisine of India
  • Wild Donkey Cafe
  • Vieni Vai Trattoria
  • West End Espresso & Tea
  • Lincoln Deli
  • Louisa's Place
  • Luna Red
  • Novo 
  • Jaffa

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